Considering the ever-increasing complexities of accounting, tax and payroll legislation plus the severe penalties and interest imposed on entities that fail to meet them and the cash flow implication that can literally ruin a business, the services below can no longer be treated as a low priority for any business that want to be grow and be sustainable.

We have therefore dedicate ourselves to working side by side with you to meet this challenges .

Our benefits include among others the following:

  • Allowing the business owner to focus on what he/she does best and the peace of mind of knowing his/her systems and books are in order.
  • Use of technology and innovation –unique secure client zone on our website allowing client to have 24/7 access to their data
  • Great saving in tax penalties and interest and not constantly in fear of tax audit.
  • Run your business effectively with accurate and up to date books
  • We understand that every business has its own complexity and we provide a tailor made solution based on its uniqueness.
  • With our strategic partners we are able to offer a comprehensive package without business owner having to run around going to different places wasting time and money.
  • Our prices are based on the value we add to the business.

Secretarial Work

  • Company Registration
  • CIPC Annual Returns
  • Amendments (Name changes, Directors etc.)
  • Shareholder Certificates
  • BBBEE Certificates
  • CIDB Registrations & Upgrades
  • COIDA Registrations
  • Business Profile


  • Income Tax (Individuals & Companies) ,PAYE,UIF & VAT Registration
  • Application of Tax clearance Certificates (TCC)
  • Submission of returns IT14,IRP6,VAT201
  • VAT Recovery and Lodging Dispute
  • Tax Savings & Advisory


  • Entrepreneurship Capacity Building
  • Business System set-up and training
  • Youth Development
  • How 2 crack E (Entrepreneurship) Code workshop & Seminars on:
    • Understanding Entrepreneurship
    • Business Compliance & Syste
  • Weekly Business Slot on StarFM & MafisaFM

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Setting up an Accounting System
  • Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts
  • Preparation of Financial Statements


  • Setting up a Payroll System
  • IRP5, Payslip for employees
  • Submission Monthly Employer Declaration(EMP201)
  • Submission Interim & Interim Reconciliation(EMP501)

Funding & Capital Raising

  • application for Bridging finance or Term Loan
  • Business turnaround
  • Entrepreneurial Advisory

We ensure that your books and systems in order so you can focus on your business and do what you do best.

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